Free Resources for your Practice


Most of us have learned from experience that “free stuff” is seldom worth much.  “You get what you pay for.” is an oft-quoted axiom---but I want to negate that idea by focusing your attention on free resources for your practice that will, I believe, prove most valuable to you and your practice.  At any time, you can also visit my blog that features weekly posts and a registration to get each post by email. I welcome the use and sharing of this material by any dentist in private practice or in academia. None of it, however, may be reproduced for sale or profit, but you are welcome to use it to improve your practice.  Please also visit our blog for more practice building ideas.

These free resources are offered as a way for me to say “Thank you!” to the hundreds of dentists with whom I have worked personally and the thousands of dentists and staff members who have attended my seminars, read my articles and blogs, used my dental text book chapters, and continue to be loyal Practicon customers. You have allowed me to work with this profession that I love and respect for over 30 years, and I appreciate you!

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Associateships, Partnerships & Start Ups

Interviewing, Hiring & Training

Personnel Administration

What is a Team?

Characteristics of a Successful Team, Dentist & Staff Members

Agenda for Morning Huddle

Agenda for General Staff Meetings and Business Monitor

Agenda for Team Meeting

Business Coordinator Responsibilities

Clinical Coordinator Responsibilities

Practice Administrator Responsibilities

Weekly Reviews with Practice Administrator

Performance Appraisal Instructions

Performance Appraisal for Business Staff

Performance Appraisal for Clinical Staff 

Individual Compensation Statement

Delegation – An Important Management Tool in a Dental Practice

Delegation Checklist for Dentist to Evaluate Propensity to Delegate

Staff Member Development Guidelines

Survey for Dental Team

Staff Communication Focus

Preferred Terminology for a Dental Practice

Spelling Bee – List for Staff

Form to let Your Team Know One Another Better

Scheduling & Recare System

Practice Management; Knowing the Numbers


What is a Patient?

What You Need to Know as you Consider Dental Practice Marketing

Create a Marketing Plan for Your Practice

How to Create a Vision for Your Practice

How to Write a Mission Statement for Your Practice

Example of a Mission Statement for a Dental Practice

The Way You Run Your Practice---A Philosophy

Internal Marketing Assessment

External Marketing Assessment

32 Marketing Ideas for Your Dental Practice

Follow-Up Contacts

A Calendar Keeps Marketing Activities Organized

Survey Your New Patients

Survey for Parent of a New Patient

Teen-Aged Patient Survey

Patient Survey

Infant Oral Health---Information for Parents/Caregivers

Letter to Parents about the First Dental Examination

Welcome Letter for a new Patient

Welcome Letter to a New Child Patient

Thank-You Letter to Current Patient for a Referral

Cover Letter to Send to Referring Dentists with Referral Slips

Letters to Referring Dentists or to Referring Physicians

Letter to Colleagues (with goodies for staff)

Letter to Parents of a Newborn Baby in Your Community

Letter to Newcomers in Your Community

Letter to Teachers Offering Tooth Saver Chests and Dental Health Curriculum Assistance

Dental Health Educator---A Key to Professional Service and Marketing

*The forms, letters, documents, and other material on this page are copyrighted by Practicon, Inc. They may be used by dentists in all phases of practice, but may not be reproduced for sale or other commercial purposes. Copyright © Practicon Inc.