- Since 1948, Parkell has been developing and supplying a variety of high quality dental products, earning world renown for flagship products like Blu-Mousse® and Dryz®. The company continues to introduce cutting edge products, such as Brush&Bond®, and their commitment to innovation and excellence makes Parkell a top choice for clinicians looking for useful and reliable products for their practices.
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Super-thin articulating film in red and/or black At only 21 microns thick, double-sided AccuFilm II Double-sided Articulating Film won’t skew the bite, eliminating false markings. Consistently produces  ...
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System bonds composite to all tooth surfaces Brush&Bond® creates a strong bond between tooth enamel or dentin and all direct or indirect composite restorations. Permanently seals tubules to create an  ...
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Bite registration material ideal for scanning, other uses Blu-Mousse offers exceptional accuracy, plaster-like hardness, and a choice of setting times. Also ideal as a matrix for provisional restorations or as  ...