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Do YOU have a better idea?

Light Bulb Idea

Here at Practicon, we’re proud of the fact that many of our products and product ideas come to us from dental professionals across the country. If you have a unique product or an idea that improves patient care, productivity or enjoyment in your practice, please let us know. It might be “just right” for our product line.

We value new, different and superbly useful products as much as we value our customers, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve both dental practices and dental entrepreneurs by bringing worthwhile new products to market as quickly and as easily as possible. You can find some example of those products on our Practivation page.

If you have developed an actual product:

Introducing an existing product to the market through Practicon is simple and straightforward.

We start by evaluating your product sample, pricing and related inventory information. If we determine that your product will be a suitable, practical and profitable addition to our catalog, we will add it to our line as our marketing schedule permits.

Products that we purchase for resale should already be packaged for retail sale to the end user. Inventory is held at our facility in Greenville NC unless specific drop shipping arrangements have been made.

For exceptional products, we can consider special promotions outside normal marketing channels, such as dedicated sales flyers and email promotions.

We strive to build and maintain strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers, supporting your product through outstanding product sales presentations and first-class customer service.

Wholesale sales and distribution programs are also available through our Special Markets Division.

Please forward inquiries, product samples, pricing and/or inventory to:

Practicon, Inc.
Attn: Product Management
1112 Sugg Parkway
Greenville, NC 27834 USA

If you have any questions concerning new product submissions, please contact Page Curtis at or Brad Wilkinson at

Please note that as the demand for catalog space becomes more competitive and marketing costs continue to rise, more emphasis will be placed on cooperative advertising allowances, wholesale margin, and other financial factors during product selection and maintenance.

If you have an idea for a product:

If your product is still in the idea stage, the process is a little more involved.

First of all, we advise anyone with an unprotected idea to consider executing a non-disclosure agreement to protect all interested parties before the start of any cooperative discussions. Because the possibility exists that we may already be considering a similar idea, we are not able to review unsolicited new product ideas without a suitably specific non-disclosure agreement. Click the link to find a sample of our non-disclosure agreement with instructions.

Please send non-disclosure agreements and/or new product ideas to the attention of Brad Griffin, Vice President of Product Development, at the following address:

Practicon, Inc.
Attn: Product Development 
1112 Sugg Parkway
Greenville, NC 27834 USA


Once the non-disclosure agreement has been executed by all parties, and as our schedule allows, we will be glad to discuss how best to proceed regarding manufacture and/or distribution of your product.

Please note that Practicon does not guarantee that any new product or idea under review will at any time in the future be manufactured, marketed or sold by Practicon, Inc. once product development is complete. Also please understand that all costs and risks associated with product research and development are the sole responsibility of the submitting party unless a product development and/or marketing agreement and/or licensing agreement has been executed by all interested parties.

Thank You!

Thank you for considering Practicon as the outlet for your product or idea. We think you will find our abilities and enthusiasm to contribute to your success unique in the industry. We look forward to working and growing with you in the future.

And now, an innovation success story…

Here at Practicon, our favorite products always have a story behind them. Building on our mission to Make Dentistry Better, we are always in the process of finding and creating “practical innovations” that provide solutions to common problems. Listening to our customers, understanding your challenges and being passionate about what we do helps us bring you products that make a difference—in patient care, productivity, profitability and professional enjoyment.

The story of Angle-Ease Adjustable High Volume Evacuator Tips

High Volume Evacuator Tips

The Angle-Ease Adjustable HVE Tip was born from a suggestion by a local dental hygienist to "make an HVE tip that is bendable" in order to improve suction efficiency and operator comfort. Many attempts were made at a corrugated tube design, similar to a bendable drinking straw, in both plastic and steel. However, a corrugated plastic design would not hold a bend well enough to retract the cheek. A steel design, besides requiring constant sterilization, contained narrow crevices inside that trapped debris over time.

Finally Brad Griffin, Practicon's VP of Product Development, came across an idea for a rotating tubing connection while building Brio toys with his children. Two snap-together components could form a straight line or a right angle depending on how they were turned. The bendable yet rigid tubing problem was solved. Adding an indexing feature to the final product prevented the tubes from turning freely under pressure, helping to improve retraction and control. Better visibility became another favorite benefit of the offset design. Thousands of Angle-Ease HVE Tips have been sold with positive feedback from dental professionals who are able to work more easily thanks to its patented design.