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Our Mission

Make Dentistry Better by developing, discovering and marketing creative solutions to the profession's problems in ways that build lasting relationships.

Our Values

Do Right

We are honest in all we do and work for the success of all stakeholders, regardless of personal benefit. We share the rewards of our success to help others.

Do Better

We strive for excellence by continuously improving our business, nurturing innovation, adapting to change and being accountable for setting high standards and meeting our goals.

Do Together

We work as a team with a unity of purpose, understanding our individual responsibilities while encouraging and supporting the accomplishments of our associates.

Our Address

1112 Sugg Parkway
Greenville, NC 27834 USA
Toll free: 1-800-959-9505
Email: ccr@practicon.com

2016 Best Employers in North Carolina

Our Story

Practicon Catalog Cover

Established in 1982, Practicon, Inc. began with a vision of improving dental health and dentists’ professional success through patient education. Building on this mission to Make Dentistry Better, the family business has grown to become a leading developer and marketer of “Practical Innovations” that provide innovative solutions to common problems. Practicon’s first mail order catalog of dental products was published in 1984. Featuring a staggering 50 products, 5,000 copies of that initial catalog were printed and mailed. Practicon currently publishes its catalog twice a year for distribution throughout the world, containing over 3,000 dental products, each carefully selected to support our ongoing mission. And even more new and unique products are featured on our growing website at practicon.com.

Practicon Catalog Cover

Practicon’s products are most often described by our customers as creative, different and hard-to-find, with many either inspired or designed by dental professionals themselves. We take particular interest in guiding dental inventors through the process of turning an idea into a product for the dental market, motivated by our desire to help dentists and other inventors avoid the pitfalls of developing, protecting, manufacturing and marketing a product or idea.

More than three decades after its founding, Practicon continues to preserve its family-oriented culture, making the well being of each and every associate and customer our highest priority.

Moving toward the future, Practicon envisions continuing to serve our customers like family, becoming the “greenhouse” of dentistry by propagating and nurturing new, different and superbly useful products.

Our Founder

Ann Page Griffin

Ann Page Griffin began her career in the dental field in June, 1980, in the newly created position of Dental Health Educator for the pediatric dental practice of Dr. Jasper Lewis, Jr. in Greenville, North Carolina. Ann’s initial role in the office was to teach young patients and their parents about the causes of dental disease, including the importance of prevention and regular, thorough home care.

In a short time, Ann began to receive invitations from schools, civic clubs, health professionals and even dental schools to present the dental health programs she had developed.

At the same time, Ann was also able to reformulate and streamline many of the management systems in Dr. Lewis’s practice, which led to improved staff relations and increased efficiency, creating a more relaxed working atmosphere in which to provide quality patient care.

Ann’s wide range of responsibilities and contributions were thus combined into the position of Dental Health Educator/Practice Administrator (DHE/PA), a pioneering role that brought about dramatic increases in both patient population and profitability.

By September, 1982, the requests for information and materials had exceeded the resources available from the practice, and a new business was incorporated to offer management and marketing consulting services, as well as unique products, to dentists: Practicon, Inc.

Now, nearly 35 years later, Ann continues to contribute to the continued success of Practicon and its customers through her generosity and guidance, publishing a weekly blog and offering for free the wealth of practice management information she has developed over the course of her career.

Our Logo

Practicon Logo

Simply put, our logo represents, in a single smile, many of our core goals and values. It symbolizes the dental health mission we share with our customers worldwide. It conveys the enjoyment we derive from bringing innovative products to market. And it reflects our commitment to friendly, personal customer service. In short, service with a smile!

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