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    Core Four-Drawer Locking Cart
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    Regular Price: $599.99
    From  $599.99ex VAT$611.99inc VAT
    The compact Core Four-Drawer Locking Cart is perfectly sized to fit under counters, tables and desks to save space. Available with different drawer front colors and designs, the cart is ideal for organizing,  ...
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $299.99
    From  $299.99ex VAT$305.99inc VAT
    Adjustable, heavy duty TeknoCart™—a welcome solution to equipment storage, placement needs A Practicon exclusive, the TeknoCart offers outstanding flexibility and capacity in a mobile storage solution  ...
    Zirc Procedure Tub Kit
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $64.99
    From  $64.99ex VAT$66.29inc VAT
    Zirc Procedure Tub Kits simplify storage and transportation of complete setups such as crown and bridge, amalgams, composites, and more. Non-slip tub liner keeps small items from slipping under dividers. Each kit  ...
    Spectrum Large Flat Setup Tray
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $6.59
    From  $6.59ex VAT$6.72inc VAT
    Add personality and efficiency to your operatory with fun, contemporary Spectrum Large Flat Setup Trays . Tough plastic is steam and chemical autoclavable to 250°F. 13-1⁄2' x 9-1⁄2' x 7⁄8',   ...
    Single-Use Cotton Towels
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $266.99
    From  $266.99ex VAT$272.33inc VAT
    Soothingly warm or refreshingly cool, pre-moistened Single-use Moist Cotton Towels are the hygienic, convenient way to offer a thick, soft luxury to your patients- for only about 46¢ each. Choose unscented,  ...
    Disposable Face Drapes
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $61.99
    From  $61.99ex VAT$63.23inc VAT
    Disposable Face Drapes are unbeatable for protecting patients from overspray and debris during treatment and add the extra benefit of no laundering. See-through netting prevents covered feeling. Soft polypropylene  ...
    Molar Media Mount Kit

    Molar Media Mount Kit

     Special Offer! Buy 2 Get 1 Free - Please add 3 items to your cart to receive discount.
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $239.99
    From  $239.99ex VAT$244.79inc VAT
    Patient entertainment made easy Gone are the days of professionally mounted TVs on expensive arms! The affordable Molar Media Mount Kit mounts directly to any existing dental light arm. Entertain and educate  ...
    Disposable Patient Eyewear -
    Out of Stock! Expected Soon!
    Regular Price: $34.99
    From  $34.99ex VAT$35.69inc VAT
    Protect your patients' eyes from harmful curing lights, exam light glare, overspray and debris with our Disposable Patient Eyewear. Tinted plastic film lens features sliding cardboard temples to fit all patients   ...
    Polybacked Patient Bibs
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $26.99
    From  $26.99ex VAT$27.53inc VAT
    Polybacked Patient Bibs combine two-ply tissue with a fluid-proof poly backing. Embossed for maximum absorbency. Choose blue, yellow, green, lavender, peach, mauve, white, or pink. 18' x 13'. 500 bibs per  ...
    Zooby Pediatric Bibs
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $22.99
    From  $22.99ex VAT$23.45inc VAT
    Fun animal-print bibs get patients into character Transform your patients into one of five Zooby® characters with Zooby Pediatric Bibs . Two-ply, poly-backed, non-permeable bibs double as a costume your young  ...
    Monoart Towel Up
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $26.99
    From  $26.99ex VAT$27.53inc VAT
    Patient napkins in a variety of patient-pleasing colors Monoart® Towel Up! Patient Napkins are made from highly absorbent 100% pure cellulose that is bonded to a waterproof polyethylene backing to protect  ...
    5 oz. Plastic Cups
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $37.99
    From  $37.99ex VAT$38.75inc VAT
    5 oz. Plastic Cups are leak-proof and embossed. In blue, green, lavender, rose, white, or yellow. 1000 cups per   ...
    Jetpolisher 2000 Air System
    Ships directly from the manufacturer - please allow additional time for delivery.
    Regular Price: $1,399.99
    From  $1,399.99ex VAT$1,427.99inc VAT
    The JetPolisher™ 2000 is effective on tough stains yet gentle enough for implants The smart JetPolisher 2000 from Deldent offers patented Homogeneous Stream Technology (HST®) that virtually eliminates  ...
    Montana Jack Scaler PDT Cruise Instrument R138

    Montana Jack Scaler PDT Cruise Instrument R138

     Manufacturer's Special Offer! Buy 5 Get 1 Free. See Special Offers tab below for more details.
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $35.99
    From  $35.99ex VAT$36.71inc VAT
    The future of instruments is here! The Montana Jack Scaler PDT Cruise Instruments are the end-result of more than twenty years of hands-on clinical and manufacturing experience. Their sharpness, consistency and  ...
    Lil' Beaver 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaler
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $674.99
    From  $674.99ex VAT$688.49inc VAT
    The magnetostrictive Lil' Beaver 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaler from Vector R&D easily and effectively removes stubborn calculus and stains both supragingivally and subgingivally. Leaves crown and root surfaces clean  ...
    EasyEx Explorer Sharpener
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $154.99
    From  $154.99ex VAT$158.09inc VAT
    Improve diagnosis and reduce costs with EasyEx™, the automatic rotary sharpener specifically for explorers A dull explorer can prevent accurate identification of carious lesions, but frequent replacement gets   ...
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    Flecta Disposable Mouth Mirrors
    Out of Stock! Expected Soon! 2/28/2018
    Regular Price: $53.99
    From  $53.99ex VAT$55.07inc VAT
    Innovative Flecta Disposable Mouth Mirrors offer first-class features at a single-use price. Lightweight comfort handle. 40% larger mirror surface. Backside light reflector. Offset head improves cheek and tongue  ...
    MillMirror Disposable Mouth Mirrors
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $24.99
    From  $24.99ex VAT$25.49inc VAT
    MillMirror Disposable Mouth Mirrors two-in-one convenience - at a great price! Non-slip handle features a 35mm scale built right in, making it ideal for endodontics or for measuring X-rays. Unbreakable,  ...
    Zirc Crystal HD Mouth Mirrors
    Out of Stock!
    Regular Price: $78.99
    From  $78.99ex VAT$80.57inc VAT
    Zirc brings superior clarity to your most often used instrument! Crystal HD Plastic Head Mouth Mirrors provide a 40% brighter reflection than standard mouth mirrors, with a 99% reflection factor for high color  ...
    Nicetouch Disposable Mouth Mirrors
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $36.99
    From  $36.99ex VAT$37.73inc VAT
    Our vibrant NiceTouch Disposable Mouth Mirrors reduce sterilization expense and serve as a fun yet functional giveaway. Great for use in conjunction with disclosing tablets and for helping your ortho patients   ...
    Promate Hygiene Handpiece

    Promate Hygiene Handpiece

     Manufacturer's Special Offer! Buy 2 ProMate handpieces, Get 1 Free! See Special Offers tab below for more details.
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $449.99
    From  $449.99ex VAT$458.99inc VAT
    Lightweight and ergonomic hygiene handpiece features soft silicone grip Weighing in at just over two oz., the ProMate™ Hygiene Handpiece reduces arm and hand fatigue with its swivel back-end connection and soft,  ...
    Integrity Prophygiene II Handpiece
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $339.99
    From  $339.99ex VAT$346.79inc VAT
    From the maker of our popular US-made Integrity Low Speed Handpieces, value-priced Integrity Prophygiene II Hygiene Handpieces are lighter, shorter and more maneuverable than even the original Prophygiene .  ...
    BeeSure Soft Prophy Angles

    BeeSure Soft Prophy Angles

     Special Offer! Buy 4 Get 1 Free - Please add 5 items to your cart to receive discount.
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $29.99
    From  $29.99ex VAT$30.59inc VAT
    Made of 50% pre-consumer plastic, BeeSure Disposable Prophy Angles feature an ergonomic, non-slip design to reduce hand fatigue. The ribbed and webbed prophy cups have thin walls to improve interproximal cleaning.  ...
    Zooby Prophy Angle Bulk Pack
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $335.99
    From  $335.99ex VAT$342.71inc VAT
    Put a fun twist on prophies and delight your young patients with Zooby Disposable Prophy Angles ! These cute angles from Young feature fun zoo animal designs to help reduce anxiety while still offering high   ...
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    Duraflor Sodium Fluoride Varnish Indi-Packs
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $48.99
    From  $48.99ex VAT$49.97inc VAT
    Besides being one of the safest, easiest and most effective methods of delivering topical fluoride, especially to uncooperative children, economical Duraflor 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish Indi-packs are formulated to  ...
    Tastytooth Fluoride Varnish
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $114.99
    From  $114.99ex VAT$117.29inc VAT
    Economical, flavorful fluoride varnish is easy to apply Put a smile on your patients’ faces while enjoying significant savings for your practice with Tastytooth™ Fluoride Varnish . Smooth formula and  ...
    Embrace Wetbond P & F Sealant
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $44.99
    From  $44.99ex VAT$45.89inc VAT
    Embrace Wetbond Pit and Fissure Sealant bonds chemically and mechanically to slightly moist teeth. It is tooth integrating for margins that are virtually undetectable. Provides an exceptional long-term seal  ...
    Fluorimax Fluoride Varnish
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $449.99
    From  $449.99ex VAT$458.99inc VAT
    Superior fluoride uptake with half the concentration FluoriMax™ Fluoride Varnish is changing the way dental professionals and their patients think about fluoride varnish. This patented 2.5% sodium fluoride   ...
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    Kling-Kuver Adult Dental X-Ray Apron
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $119.99
    From  $119.99ex VAT$122.39inc VAT
    Soft, pliable Kling-Kuver Adult Dental X-ray Aprons provide maximum patient X-ray protection up to the critical thyroid area. 0.3mm lead content meets FDA dental requirements. Soft nylon outer layer is much more  ...
    Reversible Apron Hanger
    Out of Stock! Expected Soon! 3/12/2018
    Regular Price: $54.99
    From  $54.99ex VAT$56.09inc VAT
    Our Reversible Apron Hanger is like two products in one! Mount it 'shoulder-style' to support and better preserve traditional X-ray aprons with a neck closure and sloping shoulders. Secure it 'hooks-up' to hang  ...
    Apixia Phosphor Plates
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $134.99
    From  $134.99ex VAT$137.69inc VAT
    Apixia Phosphor Plates deliver the flexibility and patient comfort of film! Designed for use with any top-loading scanner, these thin plates are less expensive than other brands while still being reusable and  ...
    Bite Dx Occlusal Pain Diagnostic Instrument
    In Stock
    List Price: $39.99Save:$20.00 (50%)
    Regular Price: $19.99
    From  $19.99ex VAT$20.39inc VAT
    Bite Dx™ helps you diagnose causes of all chewing and grinding pain, not just fractures While competitive products work well to identify fractures and to isolate pain associated with a single cusp, their   ...