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LEDEX™ WL-090: powerful, versatile, and affordable With six modes and light output up to 2,400mW/cm 2 , the LEDEX WL-090 LED Curing Light offers the power and flexibility you need for all light curing  ...
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Cordless LED curing lights deliver performance in colors The affordable LEDEX™ WL-070 LED Curing Light delivers fast, dependable curing with a light intensity of 1,000mW/cm 2 and a wavelength of  ...
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FlashMax P3—the world’s most powerful curing light The FlashMax P3 Curing Light cures most composites in one to three seconds per layer with 6,000mW/cm 2 performance. Cordless unit weighs only 4.2  ...
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LEDEX™ cordless curing lights offer beautiful performance—in c o l o r s ! WL-070+ features a wireless charging stand and 20% more power for even faster cures DentMate brings you the latest   ...
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Autoclavable 360°-swivel fiberoptic light guide for use with the Slimax-C Plus LED Curing Light . 8mm  ...
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FlashMax P3 Disposable Sleeves. 250 per box. For use with the FlashMax P3 Curing Light. Disposable and a hygienic way to avoid cross  ...
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Curing light barrier sheaths for the LEDEX™ WL-070 LED Curing Lights or the LEDEX WL-070+ Ortho LED Curing Lights . 100 disposable sleeves per  ...
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8mm replacement tip for the Ledex WL-070+ / WL-070 Curing   ...