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    Prosthetic Care

    Protech Prosthetic Cleaner
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $59.99
    From  $59.99ex VAT$61.19inc VAT
    Extra-strength Protech Prosthetic Cleaner revitalizes all removable dentures and appliances with amazing results. Fresh mint formula cleans and deodorizes. A concentrated 1/4 oz packet makes a solution effective  ...
    Smile Again Denture Cleaner
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $66.99
    From  $66.99ex VAT$68.33inc VAT
    From the makers of best-selling ProTech, Smile Again Denture Cleaner is the only denture and appliance cleaner that cleans and disinfects! Smile Again provides the same quality clean as original ProTech. Plus, it  ...
    Protech Removable Appliance Home Care Kit
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $37.99
    From  $37.99ex VAT$38.75inc VAT
    The Protech Removable Appliance Home Care Kit prepares your patients with everything needed to properly care for their denture, partial, night guard or retainer. Each kit includes one Sonic Denture Bath, one Ranir  ...
    3800 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $44.99
    From  $44.99ex VAT$45.89inc VAT
    Send patients home with clean sparkling dentures and appliances. The quiet, powerful 3800 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner is a cutting edge, solid-state unit that generates 42,000 ultrasonic waves per second. Quickly   ...
    Premium Denture Bath
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $28.99
    From  $28.99ex VAT$29.57inc VAT
    Provide your prosthetic patients with an easy-to-use package for soaking and storing one full set of dentures. The Premium Denture Bath has a lift-out drain cup that keeps fingers out of cleaning solution.  ...
    Contoured Denture Brushes
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $27.99
    From  $27.99ex VAT$28.55inc VAT
    Ergonomic Contoured Denture Brushes offer denture patients a dual, form-fitting design. Firm nylon bristles reach all surfaces. Seamless grip lends an easy hold, even by arthritic hands. 24 brushes per pack in  ...
    Assorted Personalized Zirc Denture Boxes - 12 Pack
    Regular Price: $22.99
    From  $22.99ex VAT$23.45inc VAT
    Made with anti-microbial protection built right in, leak-proof Zirc Personalized Denture Boxes help your patients keep their prosthetics safe with a secure snap closure—and increase patient referrals! Unscented  ...
    SmileGoods Denture Brushes
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $29.99
    From  $29.99ex VAT$30.59inc VAT
    The SmileGoods Denture Brush has an oversized, non-slip grip for an easy hold. • Effective two-in-one design. • Multi-level nylon bristles. Assorted pastel colors. 36 per   ...