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We offer a large selection of prophy paste, angles, and handpieces to keep your hygiene operation humming, while our bulk floss and floss dispensers keep floss always at the ready whenever it's needed.

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Prophy paste includes free stickers Formulated to match the quality of the leading brand, Alpha-Pro Kid's Pack Prophy Paste is a gentle polishing and cleaning paste that is a blend of fine and medium grits and is  ...
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ProPaste™ delivers the quality of the leading brand and saves you up to 60% The splatter-free formula of ProPaste Assorted Prophy Paste with 1.23% fluoride ion offers great taste, exceptional polishing  ...
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Six-time winner of The Dental Advisor's 2013 Prophy Paste of the Year (2013 through 2018), Gelato ® Prophy Paste provides smooth, consistent, splatter-free application that is ideal for high-luster polishing  ...
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Premier Mint Enamel Pro Prophy Paste contains amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) to stimulate remineralization of tooth enamel and prevent the loss of enamel. Its easy-to-rinse, patient-pleasing formula cleans   ...
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Prophy angles at a great value! Made of 50% pre-consumer plastic, BeeSure ® Disposable Prophy Angles feature an ergonomic, non-slip design to reduce hand fatigue. The ribbed and webbed prophy cups have thin  ...
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Excellent value and quiet, dependable operation ProAngle Plus Torque Disposable Prophy Angles feature torque cups with special blade geometry and outer spiral diamonds for improved interproximal cleaning and  ...
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Cost-effective oscillating prophy angles 60° back and forth oscillation reduces friction and heat Made from 50% recycled plastic, BeeSure ® Ice Oscillating Prophy Angles reciprocate back and forth  ...
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Up to 15 times reduction in splatter Protect yourself and patients from splatter with Vera ® Splatter Guard Disposable Prophy Angles . Features slim profile, rounded head with exterior prophy cup ridges for   ...
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Compact prophy handpiece includes three nose cones The lightweight, compact Prophy Air Plus Hygiene Handpiece is also well-balanced and powerful. Whisper-quiet operation up to 3,000 RPM. 360° swivel head.  ...
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Super-quiet, vibration-free, and lightweight AirLite™ prophy handpiece The quick-disconnect Master Prophy AirLite Handpiece with Swivel Coupler is designed for hygienists and contoured for comfort.  ...
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Angled Prophygiene III offers superior ergonomics The lightweight Integrity Prophygiene III 45-degree Angled Handpiece not only fits comfortably in the hand, the 45° angle reduces drag and pull from the  ...
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Cordless, 4.3 oz., ergonomic prophy handpiece performs under pressure Simple pushbutton operation—no pedal! The AeroPro™ Cordless Prophy System combines the polishing performance you need with   ...
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Engineered for durability and infection prevention, the SafeDispense Floss Dispenser lets you dispense and cut any desired length of floss one-handed, without contacting the dispenser. Seamless, solid aluminum  ...
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Wall-mount floss dispenser The touch-free FlossFix Floss Dispenser mounts directly to wall, counter or cabinet for maximum convenience. Simply unsnap cover to load two standard 200 yd. floss spool refills  ...
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Glide floss in convenient dispenser spools Use Glide Pro-Health Original Floss 200m Font Refills in your countertop or wall-mount dispensers. Package includes two 200m  ...
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REACH ® mint, waxed floss fonts Shred-resistant nylon REACH Mint Waxed Floss Refill slides easily between teeth. One 200 yard spool refill. For sale in USA   ...