- The NEXT Prophy Paste is low splatter, rinses easily and tastes great while costing less. PIVOT angles run smoother, quieter and more reliably. Their better cup means a better, more "predictable polishing edge". ESA Angles will save your wrist as they are lighter and more ergonomic. The non-latex cups come attached to a US made Pivot Disposable Prophy Angle that's guaranteed to get through the prophy every time. Choose the disposable prophy angle that fits you best without paying more.
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Make your hygiene handpiece 50 percent lighter with ESA (Extended Straight Attachment) Disposable Prophy Angles . Less weight means ESA places less stress on your wrists and hand, so you feel a whole lot better at ...
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Vella ® 5% NaF varnish—clearer look, smoother feel Clear Vella 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish looks better, feels better in the mouth, and tastes great. Smoother NuFluor ® formula with calcium and ...