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    Precleaning & Ultrasonic

    Brite Shield Cleaner And Protectant Powder
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $64.99
    From  $64.99ex VAT$66.29inc VAT
    Enzymatic Brite Shield Cleaner and Protectant Powder pre-cleans burs and instruments while it protects from rust and corrosion. Removes bio-burden and stains fast - even without ultrasonic cleaning. Also removes  ...
    Cleanlets Gp Ultrasonic Cleaning Tablets
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $66.99
    From  $66.99ex VAT$68.33inc VAT
    Cleanlets General Purpose Ultrasonic Cleaning Tablets provide quick, effective cleaning in a single dose. Patented formula delivers a highly concentrated cleaner that is safe and effortless to use with excellent  ...
    Stainless Wire Brushes
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $25.99
    From  $25.99ex VAT$26.51inc VAT
    Brushes make quick work of tough cleaning jobs Welder-style Stainless Steel Wire Brushes remove extra-stubborn stains and deposits from the tightest spaces. Non-slip nylon handles. Fully autoclavable. 7-3/4'  ...
    Clip Mesh Holder
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $9.99
    From  $9.99ex VAT$10.19inc VAT
    The stainless steel Clip Mesh Holder is perfect for keeping a handle on small burs and diamonds during pre-cleaning and sterilization. Spring action handle keeps 2' diameter basket shut securely. Also ideal for   ...
    Pro-Ties Instrument Bundling System
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $24.99
    From  $24.99ex VAT$25.49inc VAT
    Invented by a hygienist, the Pro-Ties Instrument Bundling System provides a safer, faster way to sort and keep instrument set-ups together - through scrubbing, pre-soak, ultrasonic cleaning, sterilization and  ...
    P4821 Ultrasonic Cleaner
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $139.99
    From  $139.99ex VAT$142.79inc VAT
    Large-capacity ultrasonic cleaner with built-in heater The P4821 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner features a large tank capacity and heater for superior cleaning. Industrial-grade for reliable performance. Seamless  ...
    9.5mm Sterigard Instrument Tip Protectors
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $29.99
    From  $29.99ex VAT$30.59inc VAT
    Slip-on 9.5mm Sterigard Instrument Tip Protectors prevent damage to mirrors and other instruments caused by sharp sliding contact during the sterilization process. Prevents the risk of sharp instruments sticking  ...
    Size 5 Mirror Gear Covers
    In Stock
    Regular Price: $35.99
    From  $35.99ex VAT$36.71inc VAT
    Protect your mouth mirrors from damage with Mirror Gear Mirror Covers. Simply slide a Mirror Gear over the mirror head after each use. The cover remains on the mirror throughout the ultra-sonic, sterilization,   ...