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Brush And Fleece Blanket
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Take the chill out of the air with Brush and Fleece Blankets , a welcome comfort for patients that tend to be cold-natured. Easy-care, machine washable polyester fleece wicks moisture away from skin. Plush,  ...
Self-Adhesive Splatter Guards
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Disposable Self-adhesive Splatter Guards stick over garments for quick added protection. Ideal for use as patient drapes or over staff uniforms. Fluid-resistant, polyethylene fabric. Made in USA. 25'H x 17'W. 50  ...
Azur Safety Glasses
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Designed especially for healthcare professionals, Azúr Safety Glasses guard your vision with an advanced, featherweight fit you must feel to believe. Weigh only 0.8 oz. for eye protection you can put  ...
Azur Replacement Lens
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The Azúr Replacement Lens is an interchangeable one-piece polycarbonate lens that extends a full 150 degree around face for an unobstructed view and uncompromised protection. Available in clear, orange or  ...
Nd-X 1000 Magnifying Safety Glasses
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Gain the proven advantages of magnified vision without the inconvenience and expense of a separate loupe attachment. ND-X 1000 Magnifying Safety Glasses are the first safety glasses with 'reading style'  ...
1.5X Azur Magnifier Insert
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In cooperation with a top optical lab, Practicon brings you Pre-Filled Azúr Bifocal Magnifier Inserts. The one-piece inserts snap in and out of Azúr frames in seconds. Premium polycarbonate lenses   ...
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Disposable resheathing prop makes capping anesthetic needles safer and easier With high-visibility target graphics, PRACTIshield™ Sheath Props slip onto any needle sheaths for easier one-handed  ...