Practicon Protection & Safety

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Disposable resheathing prop makes capping anesthetic needles safer and easier With high-visibility target graphics, PRACTIshield™ Sheath Props slip onto any needle sheaths for easier one-handed  ...
Amalgam Catches
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Our original Amalgam Catches 'convert' a mouth mirror into a collection cup that helps prevent amalgam debris from falling down your patient's throat. Plastic clip-on design reduces mirror fogging by shielding the  ...
Disposable Patient Drapes
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Disposable Patient Drapes provide full coverage from splatters and stains. Perforated for quick dispensing. Low cling white polyethylene film is easy to manage. 400 flat 36' x 48' sheets folded once on an 18' wide  ...
Adjustable Silicone Napkin Tubies With Slides
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Our exclusive Adjustable Silicone Napkin Tubies with Slides fit every patient-children and adults! A unique nylon slide allows you to change the tube length instantly to hold napkins perfectly under the chin!  ...
Brush And Fleece Blanket
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Comfort chilly patients with this plush fleece blanket Take the chill out of the air with Brush and Fleece Blankets , a welcome comfort for patients that tend to be cold-natured. Easy-care, machine washable  ...
Silicone Napkin Tubies
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Our fully heat sterilizable Silicone Napkin Tubies add a colorful touch to every exam. Patients prefer the warm, soft feeling to the old, cold chain. 15' long. Specify color. Minimum order six   ...
Azur Safety Glasses
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Designed especially for healthcare professionals, Azúr Safety Glasses guard your vision with an advanced, featherweight fit you must feel to believe. Weigh only 0.8 oz. for eye protection you can put  ...
Child Disposable Patient Eyewear
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Protect patients' eyes from overhead glare, overspray and debris with Disposable Patient Eyewear. Lightweight tinted plastic lens features sliding cardboard temples to fit all patients comfortably. Non-polarized  ...
Sport-Specs Magnifying Safety Glasses
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For a sleek, modern look with the advantages of bult-in bifocal magnification, you need Sport-Specs Magnifying Safety Glasses . Lightweight, sport-contoured frame features fog-free and scratch-resistant  ...
Nd-X 1000 Magnifying Safety Glasses
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Gain the proven advantages of magnified vision without the inconvenience and expense of a separate loupe attachment. ND-X 1000 Magnifying Safety Glasses are the first safety glasses with 'reading style'   ...
Self-Adhesive Splatter Guards
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Disposable Self-adhesive Splatter Guards stick over garments for quick added protection. Ideal for use as patient drapes or over staff uniforms. Fluid-resistant, polyethylene fabric. Made in USA. 25'H x 17'W. 50  ...