Napkins, Chains & Cups


Protect patient clothing with our large selection of patient napkins and drapes, in sizes to suit patients of all ages, and protect their health with the disposable cups and sanitary cup dispensers available in this department.

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Colorful, economical, polybacked patient bibs Spectrum Polybacked Patient Bibs combine two-ply tissue with a fluid-proof poly backing. Embossed for maximum absorbency. Available in white, yellow, peach,  ...
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Low-cost TapKin™ Contour features a built-in strap Forget lost time searching for napkin chains and the expense of disinfecting them! The patented TapKin Contour Disposable Bib with integral neck strap  ...
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Disposable Patient Drapes provide full coverage from splatters and stains. Perforated for quick dispensing. Low cling white polyethylene film is easy to manage. 400 flat 36' x 48' sheets folded once on an 18' wide  ...
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Patient napkins in a variety of patient-pleasing colors Monoart® Towel Up! Patient Napkins are made from highly absorbent 100% pure cellulose that is bonded to a waterproof polyethylene backing to protect   ...
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Colorful, economical 5 oz. plastic cups coordinate with patient napkins Spectrum 5 oz. Plastic Cups are made of recyclable polypropylene with a reinforced ribbed design for reliability. 1,000 per case. Specify  ...
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Colorful paper cups are less than 5¢ each Earth-friendly Disposable 5 oz. Paper Cups help reduce your practice's plastic waste. 800 per case. Available In black, blue, green, lavender, or white. Specify  ...
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Each Wall-mounted Plastic Cup Dispenser holds 100 3 to 5 oz. flat bottom cups or 100 3 to 4-1/2 oz. cone cups. 16' tall. Mounting hardware included. High-impact plastic. Specify tinted bronze or opaque white  ...
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Translucent 5 oz. Plastic Cups are leak-proof, embossed, and economical. 1,000 per case. Specify color   ...