Mouth Mirrors


Whatever your exam style, this department features both the reusable and disposable mouth mirrors you need to clearly see every square millimeter of the oral cavity. And be sure to check out Practicon's exclusive and innovative Mirro-Vac Saliva Ejector/Mirror combination, an inexpensive and elegant solution to a number of common problems encountered in dentistry.

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Double-sided cone socket mirrors Hu-Friedy Double-Sided Rhodium Size 5 Cone Socket Mirrors provide sharp, distortion-free images. Scratch-resistant front-surface mirrors. Fully autoclavable. Six per pack.  ...
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Zirc Crystal HD® mirrors: 40% brighter than rhodium Zirc’s Crystal HD Mouth Mirrors reflect 40% better than standard mouth mirrors and feature a 99% reflection factor for high color accuracy and  ...
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Zirc brings superior clarity to your most often used instrument! Crystal HD Plastic Head Mouth Mirrors provide a 40% brighter reflection than standard mouth mirrors, with a 99% reflection factor for high color  ...
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With a reflection rate of nearly 100%, Size 5 Pure Reflect Mouth Mirrors provide an exceptionally clear, bright, sharp image with high color accuracy. Fully autoclavable mirrors fit standard cone socket handles.   ...
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Innovative Flecta Disposable Mouth Mirrors offer first-class features at a single-use price. Lightweight comfort handle. 40% larger mirror surface. Backside light reflector. Offset head improves  ...
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Our vibrant NiceTouch™ Disposable Mouth Mirrors reduce sterilization expense and serve as a fun yet functional giveaway. Great for use with disclosing tablets and for helping your ortho patients apply wax  ...
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Presterilized, individually wrapped—fun colors! Practicon ® Disposable Mirrors feature size 4, front-surface mirrors with easy-lift protective film. Presterilized and individually  ...
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Our Disposable Mouth Mirrors make nice giveaways for patient home care while helping reduce sterilization time and expense. Front surface acrylic mirror with white plastic octagonal handle. 50 sterile mirrors per   ...