Loupes & Illumination


A clear and accurate view of the oral cavity is essential to the practice of dentistry, and the selection of loupes, magnifying eyewear and head lamps in this department bring every detail to light.

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The world’s only instant fit, through-the-lens loupes Gain all the benefits of through-the-lens (TTL) loupes without the expense or delay of customization. TTL Easy Size Loupes are complete with four sets  ...
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Loupes with headlight offer exceptional visibility The CO-Series Loupes with Wireless Headlight combine pre-mounted loupes and headlight for maximum visibility and convenience. Loupes have wider,  ...
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Oval-shaped lenses provide a more natural view Traditional round loupe lenses tend to limit your field of view onto the working field. CO-Series Galilean 3.0X Loupes have wider, oval-shaped lenses for improved  ...
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ProVision ® Econo Loupes magnify full working field Lightweight ProVision Econo Loupes provide superb clarity, magnification, and depth of field for a fraction of the cost of traditional loupes. Extra large   ...
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1.4 oz. Spot-On™ Plus clips crisp, white light onto any eyewear—without cords or heavy batteries The headlight you have been waiting for is here! Practicon is proud to offer the Spot-On Plus  ...
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Sharp, bright, adjustable Spot-On™ 2 LED Headlight The Spot-On 2 LED Headlight delivers outstanding illumination whenever and wherever you need it for under $300! Illuminate the oral cavity without  ...
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Touch-free Nano Freedom2 Loupe Light frees you from cables and battery packs With a 1.13 oz. frame-mounted battery pod, the Nano Freedom 2 Loupe Light Headlamp eliminates the need for cumbersome cables or  ...
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See in a whole new light with this simple, affordable LED headlight The Starbright LED Clip-on Headlight System keeps your working field shadow-free every moment and at every angle—without constant overhead   ...