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Whether you're looking for tips for your saliva ejector or high-speed vacuum, or need equipment or cleaners for evacuation system maintenance, this department features everything you need to maintain a clear, dry field in the mouth. Our HVE screens and screened HVE tips prevent losing crowns up the vacuum, while our special Total-Comfort soft-tip aspirators offer the ultimate in patient comfort. And don't miss our Lock-On SE Valve Tips that install in seconds and prevent accidental removal of tips during procedures.

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BeeSure HVE Tips are made from 30% preconsumer plastic waste. Smooth S-shaped ends are reversible for use as vented or non-vented tip. 100 green tips per  ...
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Max-Vac Evacuator Tips offer two unique ends for a super low price - use as a vented or non-vented tip. Smooth, S-shaped end cuts provide for greater patient comfort. Disposable white plastic. 50 tips per  ...
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Colorful Multi-Tips High Volume Evacuator Tips have a proven S-shaped end cut that increases patient comfort and conforms better to the natural profile of teeth. Combines vented and non-vented ends into a single  ...
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The ultimate value, single-use HVE tips UniPACK HVE Tips feature smooth, comfortable, S-shaped ends. Reversible for vented or non-vented use. Disposable. 5 5/8' long. 100 per bag. Specify   ...
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WhisperSafe™ HVE tips reduce noise over 50% WhisperSafe HVE Tips reduce air flow turbulence and eliminate more than 50% of the noise from high volume suction. Honeycomb structure provides superb rigidity  ...
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ReLeaf™ offers comfortable, hands-free suction Providing “relief” for both patients and practitioners, the Ivory® ReLeaf™ High-Volume Suction Tip rests between the cheek and buccal  ...
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Award-winning OBF lip retractor increases aerosol capture over HVE alone—and maximizes oral access The innovative Protechno OBF (Oral BioFilter) Lip Retractor with Suction is an all-in-one device designed  ...
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Angle-Ease ™ HVE tips lock at any angle to maximize operator comfort, suction efficiency The patented Angle-Ease Adjustable HVE Tip has 12 locking angle adjustment positions, allowing it to meet every   ...
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ColorFlex Saliva Ejectors are Italian-made to the highest quality standards-only more colorful! Hold a bend without kinking. Positively fixed clear ends. ColorFlex Assortment 6-Pack with one bag each of blue,  ...
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Saliva ejectors in a pastel rainbow of colors BeeSure Rainbow Saliva Ejectors are wire-reinforced to bend easily and hold their shape. Made from 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic. 500 per  ...
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ColorFlex Saliva Ejectors are made in Italy to the same high quality standards of traditional saliva ejectors—only more colorful! Clear ends. 100 of one color per bag. Specify color  ...
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Total-Comfort™ ColorFlex™ aspirators offer gentle, patient-friendly design Hard plastic tip saliva ejectors pinch lingual surfaces, jab the mandible, and aspirate tender tissue. Patented   ...
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Fog-free vision, evacuation, and retraction all in one The Mirro-Vac® Saliva Ejector Mirror combines evacuator and mirror functions into one efficient instrument. Ideal for sealants, air abrasion, bonding,  ...
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Easy-to-use Aerosol Assist brings up to 90% aerosol control and hands-free saliva ejection to every chair The Aerosol Assist Aerosol Suppression System captures up to 90% of aerosols while holding a standard  ...
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The ultimate in saliva ejector tips Efficient and comfortable Swe-Flex® Saliva Ejector Tips actually reduce aerosols during treatment with superior suction capability. Anatomical 'under-the-chin' design  ...
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Lock-On™ Saliva Ejector Valve Tips end frustration, save expenses Tired of the inconvenience and expense of saliva ejector valve tips that pull off during a procedure or get lost? Upgrade to our Lock-On   ...
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UV plus HEPA extraoral evacuation system quietly reduces aerosols With extra focus on aerosols and splatter encountered during many dental procedures, the search is on for a compact, portable, self-contained  ...
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Threaded saliva ejector valve keeps silicone collar secure If you have ever been frustrated by silicone collars pulling away from saliva ejector valves, the DCI Premium Saliva Ejector Threaded Valve is for you.  ...
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Replace worn out, clogged vacuum hoses with premium-quality Reinforced HVE Hose to restore vacuum performance. Positively resists collapse and kinks. Gray vinyl. Smooth 1/2' ID. Price is per foot. Minimum order 10  ...
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Affordable VacuLUX HVE adapters provide for instant use of name-brand isolation mouthpieces Have you been postponing the installation of a DryShield ® or Zyris™ Isolite system due to the high cost or   ...
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Discover the hands-off way to maintain your vacuum system. Time-release vacuum tablets provide continuous, self-activating care of high and low volume systems. Simply place one tablet in the evacuation trap.  ...
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Disposable Canisters from Plasdent are an exact replacement for OEM filters at a significant savings! DC8-2200 Canisters fit Air Techniques-Vacstar models, Apollo 1hp, 1.5hp single and tandem models, 1hp, 2hp  ...
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Atomizer for use with Vacusol vacuum line cleaner The EZ 1-2-3™ Atomizer cleans up to three operatories with one mix. Mixing action produces the ideal air/liquid mixture and ensures 360° of solution  ...
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Fast-acting, organic chlorine-powered Vac Attak™ evacuation system cleaner Significantly more effective than enzymatic cleaners in breaking down debris, Vac Attak is especially effective on prophy paste   ...