Endo file handling is convenient and efficient with the selection of products available in this department, which also features the materials and posts you need to address just about any root canal treatment situation. And don't miss our lightweight and powerful Endomax battery-powered endo handpiece.

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Disposable Endo-Cushions hold, arrange and clean small instruments during endodontic or implant procedures. Ideal for files, posts, screws, drills and other small items. Peel-and-stick back secures to patient  ...
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Remove broken endo instruments quickly and more easilt Italian-made Endodontic Instrument Retrieving Forceps from Medesy are ideal for removing broken files/reamers or other instruments from root canals. Long,  ...
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Foam Inserts for the Endoring II system. 48 inserts (24 blue, 24 yellow) per pack. Steam  ...
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The multi-purpose Endoring II makes endo treatment safer and more efficient. Single-use foam inserts clean and store files, and can be pre-loaded and autoclaved for set-up. Two rubber stop ports in back aid in   ...
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The only obturation device that both heats and vibrates The cordless Rootbuddy™ System is the only endodontic obturation device that delivers heat, vibration, or a combination of the two for denser, more  ...
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Compact, ergonomic apex locator is 98.4% accurate The FREEPEX Apex Locator provides a precise, constant display of file position during treatment, wet or dry. Large canal graphic is divided into 10 levels, each  ...
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Cordless GP Cut works fast—inside the pulp chamber Cut gutta percha quickly, cleanly, and safely within the pulp chamber with the cordless GP Cut Gutta Percha Cutter . Hold the power button for one second and the  ...
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Fill even the most challenging root canals. Clinically proven for more than 18 years, Soft-Core Endodontic Obturators fill root canals quickly, efficiently, and reliably in seconds. Each obturator consists of a   ...
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Evacuate all the way to the apex The Multi Suction E-Type Root Canal Drying Instrument dramatically reduces procedure time and the number of paper points eeded. Disposable, prebent micro-aspirator tips taper to  ...
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Cost-effective Luer-lock utility syringes in three sizes Luer-lock Syringes cost 25-40% less than competing brands. Designed to deliver a variety of liquids and cleaning agents to treat periodontal pockets or  ...
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Disposable polypropylene Luer-lock Multi Suction Replacement Tips fit the Multi Suction E-Type Root Canal Drying Instrument. Prebent micro-aspirator tips taper to 0.5mm. Flexible 20mm length follows curved canals  ...
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Save money with premium Probevac Irrigator Tips. The tips feature rounded, closed ends with side port delivery for use in apical proximity. Luer-lock color-coded tips with 1' bendable stainless cannula in 27   ...
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A temporary root canal filling material with excellent radiopacity, Metapex is an antibacterial, premixed paste composed of calcium hydroxide with iodoform. Priced at less than half the cost of leading brands,  ...
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Bioceramic MTA repair cement available in putty form MTA has been proven successful over years of use, but its particulate consistency can make handling and delivery to surgical sites difficult. MTA Repair HP  ...
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Coltene's ParaPost® Taper Lux Posts are the ideal alternative when an aesthetic metal-free restoration is desired. Translucent, light-transmitting fiber resin material is perfect to use with light-cured  ...
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Vitapex Root Canal Medicament combines three clinically proven ingredients in a pre-filled micro syringe application. Fill root canals, treat resorptions, infection, endo trauma and more with an effectiveness,   ...