Dry Field & Cotton


Keep your working field isolated and dry with the rubber dams, cotton and dry angles available in the department. And while you're here, be sure to check out the MiniDam, a small non-latex silicone dam that stretches over adjacent teeth and is perfect for situations where use of a full rubber dam might be difficult.

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Medesy College Cotton Pliers are made of heavy gauge, heat-treated stainless steel. Serrated. Matte finish. Fully  ...
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Italian-quality, serrated cotton pliers Locking College Pliers feature a Castro-Viejo style locking mechanism. Heavy gauge, heat-treated matte finish stainless steel. Serrated tips. Fully  ...
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BeeSure Non-woven Sponges provide super absorbency with minimum adhesion. Lint-free, four-ply rayon/polyester. Standard sponges are 30g/m 2 . Premium sponges are 50g/m 2 . Non-sterile. 2' x 2'. 5,000 per  ...
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Innovative Isolator Cotton Roll Holders are indispensible when a dry field is required. Firmly holds cotton rolls to upper or lower arches without restricting access or visibility. Strong, flexible nylon can be   ...
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The quality standard in dental gauze products for over 100 years Richmond Dental 2' x 2' Non-woven Poly/Rayon Sponges are an economical, lint-free alternative to cotton. Great for disinfecting or cleaning  ...
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Flexible, three-ply NeoDrys Original keep the parotid gland in check for 15 minutes. New Comfort Edge maximizes patient comfort while a soft, nylon mesh adheres gently to tissue. A second layer of carboxymethyl  ...
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With the addition of a mirror-like backing, NeoDrys ReFlective combine super absorbency with reflectivity for superior performance. Like the original, they keep the parotid gland in check for over 15 minutes, far  ...
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Unique, innovative design of super-absorbent DryDent Sublingual keeps saliva under control Introducing the first absorbent specifically designed to collect and control saliva under the tongue! The revolutionary   ...
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The Cushee Rubber Dam Clamp Cushions Assortment Pack makes using rubber dams easier and more practical than ever. Increases patient comfort by eliminating contact between steel clamp and gingiva or enamel.  ...
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Hygenic Framed Flexi-Dam Dental Dams feature the same superior properties of non-latex Flexi-Dam with a convenient built-in frame. Eliminate the cost, procedure time and sterilization expense associated with bulky  ...
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Fiesta color-coded dam clamps ease organization, identification Fiesta Winged Color Coded Rubber Dam Clamps enable quick identification. Non-reflective matte finish improves contrast and visibility. Stainless  ...
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Italian-made rubber dam punches from Medesy will easily and precisely punch even the heaviest gauge rubber dam material. The Ivory Rubber Dam Punch features five different punch sizes to ensure the proper fit.   ...