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Lip Naturals Lip Balms Fishbowl
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Pocket-sized push-up Lip Naturals Lip Balms deliver mega moisturizing and flavor in a cute mini 3g size! Lip balms are perfect for keeping your patients' lips moist during a procedure or as an economical giveaway.  ...
Spry Sugar-Free Gum Sampler Pack - Bulk
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Imagine an all-natural sweetener that is as delicious as sugar, low in calories, and actually helps reduce the effects of harmful bacteria. In fact, these are just some of the reasons why xylitol is growing in  ...
7 3/4 X 9 Tootie Tooth Patient Care Bags - Bulk
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Practice building is in the bag with colorful 7-3/4' x 9' Tootie Tooth Patient Care Bags . Fill them with home care supplies or information and get marketing for your practice in return. No matter where they go  ...
Chap-Ice Lip Balms Fishbowl - Bulk
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Chap·Ice® Lip Balms protect, soothe, moisturize patients' lips before, during, or after procedures Help protect and heal chapped, cracked lips with Chap·Ice Lip Balms . Pocket-sized push-up 3g   ...
Small Sheaths For Polaroid Wired USB Intraoral Camera
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Small Sheaths for Polaroid Wired USB Intraoral Camera cover the swivel head only, down to the camera  ...
Cammy USB Intraoral Camera
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From the maker of the popular Camrex 191A intraoral camera, the Cammy USB Patient Education Intraoral Camera tops the performance of Camrex with the convenience of a direct USB connection to your PC. Simply  ...
CaMMy Magnification Lens
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The Cammy Magnification Lens provides an additional 3X magnification power. Clear plastic zoom lens slides on into perfect position. Offset surface viewer ring may be attached for ideal viewing of occlusal  ...
Disposable Camera Sleeves
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Protect lens and cut cross-contamination. 500 covers per   ...
White Molar Hand Mirror
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Our fun-to-hold White Molar Hand Mirror is cut with computer-controlled precision. The tooth-shaped handle fits perfectly in either hand. Smooth white HDPE plastic construction resists scuffs and stains. 5'  ...
Practiview Operatory Light Mirror
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Let your patients see how they're doing Our patented PRACTIview Operatory Light Mirror shows your patients hygiene techniques, procedure progress, and treatment results. 12' flexible plastic 'gooseneck' support  ...
Metal Hand Mirror
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Metal Hand Mirrors offer a high-tech feel. Anodized aluminum handle with chrome back. 4 1/2' diameter plain  ...
Zirc Mega Mirror
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The world's greatest hand mirror or the world's largest mouth mirror-you decide! Patients will love checking out their beautiful smiles with the Mega Mirror from Zirc. This fun hand mirror has a 2 1/2' plain glass   ...
CB-10 Restoration Model
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Explain a variety of restorative treatment options quickly and cost-effectively with the CB-10 Restoration Model , including: Chrome and acrylic removable partial denture with key and keyway precision attachment.  ...
Periodontal Disease Model
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Model demonstrates the effects of periodontal disease The life-sized Periodontal Disease Model shows the progression of periodontitis from healthy to advanced stages. This two-arch articulated model features  ...
Dual Arch Implant Model
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Our exclusive Dual Arch Implant Model from MDO demonstrates two implant-supported fixed bridges. Lower arch illustrates All-on-Four® support with soft pink gingiva. Inclination of the two distal implants is  ...
Caries Progression Model
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Italian-made MDO models help patients understand common conditions and treatments. Hand-crafted with careful attention to detail, they improve communication, promote dental hygiene and help increase case   ...
Farley Flossisaurus Teaching Aid
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Adorable Farley Flossisaurus StarSmilez Teaching Aid is the captivating dental health teaching puppet that you articulate by hand from an opening in its back. Sitting 15' size makes it perfect for 'lap-top'  ...
Hygiene Model with Brush
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Demonstrate proper brushing and flossing technique with the Hygiene Model with Brush . Oversized model features 28 teeth. Hollow molded, one-piece plastic model is lightweight and rugged, with no possibility  ...
Oversize Demonstrator Model And Toothbrush Set
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The Oversize Demonstrator Model and Toothbrush Set is perfect for your patient education needs. Hard plastic gingiva with molded-in plastic teeth. Fully flossable with full interproximal contacts. Simple clear  ...
Allie Z. Gator Teaching Aid
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Small StarSmilez Teching Aids help make learning about dental health fun! Each pint-sized character has a half-size dentition with four flossable locations. 8' to 12' size makes them easier to handle and even more   ...
Tooth-Friendly Snacks Magnetic Board
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Which foods are 'tooth friendly' and which are not? Test children's knowledge of good snacks with the Tooth-Friendly Snacks Magnetic Board . Healthy (non-magnetic) snacks fall right off the board, while sugary  ...
Adventures In Dental Health Activity Books
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Adventures in Dental Health Activity Books entertain and educate children ages 5 to 10. Fun activities include word search, puzzles, mazes, picture finds and more all focusing on good dental health. 8 pages.  ...
Tooth Pathologies Model/Chart
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The oversized Common Tooth Pathologies Model improves patient understanding significantly better than words or pictures alone. With no loose parts to become lost or separated, each solid sculpture depicts two  ...
Consultation Illustrations Wall Chart
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The Consultation Illustrations Wall Chart features 13 different dental conditions and treatments on coated heavyweight stock. 17'W x 23'H. Ready to   ...
"The Grosser, More Disgusting, But Still Totally Cool Mouth Book"
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This 'gross' book will have a positive influence on your patients Do you still remember your first dental health lesson? Your patients always will when you show them  The Grosser, More Disgusting, But  ...
Childrens Dental Library Set B
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Our entertaining and educational Children's Dental Library Set B includes: The Berenstain Bears and the Tooth Fairy Dora Goes to the Dentist Clark the Shark: Tooth Trouble Fancy Nancy and the Too-Loose Tooth Max  ...
Peppa Pig Dentist Trip
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Peppa Pig: Dentist Trip. 24 page softback. Includes  ...
Peppa Pig The Tooth Fairy
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Peppa Pig: The Tooth Fairy. 24 page   ...