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Built-in handle, no forceps needed For superior registration and a more reliable diagnosis, turn to TrollFoil Occlusion and Articulating Foil . Its ultrathin 8-micron gauge is coated on both sides to deliver  ...
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Pinpoint patient occlusion quickly The progressive color transer of Bausch 200 Micron Articulating Paper leaves darker marks in higher pressure areas. Transculase ® bonding agent improves color  ...
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Arti-Fol ® Complete puts handle on perfect markings Bausch’s Arti-Fol metallic Complete combines proven Arti-Fol metallic film with an integrated cardboard handle. Moisture-proof foil with 2-sided  ...
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Time saving solution for crown and bridge adjustments. Identifying contact points on crowns and bridges has never been easier. Simply slide the no-mess SpotIt Crown and Bridge Contact Finder through the contact   ...
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Articulating Paper Holders help you identify interproximal contact points efficiently and accurately when trial seating crowns, bridges, onlays and veneers. Self-closing spring handles with serrated C-clamps hold  ...