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For dealing with removable prosthodontics and other appliances, the products in this department will support your continued success. We offer the materials and equipment you need for fabrication and the accessories your patients want, as well as custom appliance cases that maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and dollars.

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The extra-slim design of iBox Appliance Cases is perfect for bleaching trays and other low-profile dental appliances. Hinged plastic cases have locking tabs and vented bottoms. 5/8' deep. Assorted translucent  ...
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Soft EVA Resin is a rubber-like clear material easily formed and trimmed for bleaching trays, soft bruxing appliances, indirect bonding, and TMJ splints. 0.030 Temporary Retainer Resin is a stiff, clear material  ...
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Super-slim, ultralight mouthguards, 30% stronger At only 1.6mm thin, SISU ® Aero Mouthguards are 50% thinner than standard mouthguards, but constructed from high-tech thermoplastic material that is 30%  ...
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Custom-fit nightguard with Diffusix™ technology absorbs grinding impact throughout whole guard Ultra-thin, durable SOVA ® Nightguards are made from stronger thermoplastic polymer material compared to   ...
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Immediate chairside treatment for snoring VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece opens the airway to improve breathing and prevent snoring. Easy boil-and-bite design for a custom and secure fit. Fully-adjustable  ...
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Easy Denture™ ensures every patient leaves your office with a smile Over 40 million Americans are edentulous, but many cannot afford dentures. Help those patients—and your practice—by offering  ...
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Wondercutter S makes appliance trimming a breeze Ultrasonic blade cuts a wide range of materials with ease With an cutting blade that vibrates 40,000 times per second, Wondercutter S glides almost  ...
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Trim vacuformed appliances easily, without grinding or dust Trim and scallop bleaching trays, nite-guards, mouth guards and other vacuum-formed thermoplastic appliances up to 0.040' thick with the ThermaKnife  ...
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From Italy, our LaGrange Scissors have a curved tip enhanced by a 'super-cut' design specially engineered for trimming bleaching trays. Micro-serrations on one blade work with the second thinly honed blade to snip  ...
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The ThermaKnife ThermaKnife Knife-edge Tip Replacement Pen is lightweight and detachable. 6' pen handle offers an ergonomic barrel with comfortable padded foam grip and 48' reach. Sharp, knife-edge cutting tip   ...
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Award-winning Sofreliner Tough from Tokuyama is an addition-cured silicone material for relining dentures on patients who need relief on upper or lower, partial or full dentures. Offering superb stain resistance,  ...