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Nano Freedom Plus Light

Super-lightweight, powerful, eyewear-mounted headlamp frees you from wire tangles

Providing up to 40,000 lux to illuminate the entire oral cavity, the Nano Freedom Plus Light headlamp system from DentLight mounts onto any protective or magnifying eyewear, eliminating the need for long, cumbersome cables or awkward battery packs. Unique, focused, cool white beam approximates natural sunlight with minimal glare. Frame-mounted battery pods feature proximity-based, touch-free activation. Freedom Plus mounts quickly and easily on all loupes and protective eyewear with clips included.

Package includes PICO headlamp, clip-on orange composite filter, clip-on eyewear mounting bracket, four lithium ion batteries, two battery pods with temple mounts, power adapter with two-battery charging station, custom metal case, and instruction manual.


  • Color temperature: 5,000-6,500K.
  • Light intensity (lux): 40,000 (both batteries) or 20,000 (one battery).
  • Spot diameter: 2.8" at 14" working distance.
  • Battery type: Lithium ion.
  • Recharge time (full charge): Two hours.
  • Operating time: 20,000 lux (single battery): Six hours. 40,000 lux (both batteries): Three hours.
  • Power adapter: 5V DC 1A.
  • Dimensions: Lamp: 11⁄16"L x 5⁄8" dia. (not including mounting bracket); Battery pod (each): 1-13⁄16"L x 13⁄16" dia.
  • Weight: Lamp: 0.11 oz. (3g); Battery pod (each): 1.13 oz. (32g).

One year warranty (lifetime warranty on LED bulb).

7119935   Nano Freedom Plus Light
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