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SmileGoods Y331 Child Toothbrushes

Save hundreds of dollars per year on your most basic practice builder!

SmileGoods Toothbrushes offer brand-name quality and design at an incredibly low price, with the features your patients need to maintain a healthy smile and the price you need to maintain a healthy practice.

Each Y331 Toothbrush features:
• An ergonomic, non-slip grip
• 31 tufts of soft, flat-trimmed bristles

Packaged in blister packs. Assorted colors. 72 per box.

Practicon is honored to give a portion of SmileGoods toothbrush sales to a cause as dear as life itself-clean water. For every single SmileGoods toothbrush you purchase from Practicon, we will donate a portion of the proceeds towards helping causelife provide clean water wells around the world. For more information, click here.

7045253   SmileGoods Y331 Child Toothbrushes
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7045254   Personalized SmileGoods Y331 Child Toothbrushes
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1 - 2$79.99$71.99