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Most of us have learned from experience that “free stuff” is seldom worth much.  “You get what you pay for.” is an oft-quoted axiom---but I want to negate that idea by focusing your attention on free resources for your practice that will, I believe, prove most valuable to you and your practice.  At any time, you can also visit my blog that features weekly posts and a registration to get each post by email. I welcome the use and sharing of this material by any dentist in private practice or in academia. None of it, however, may be reproduced for sale or profit, but you are welcome to use it to improve your practice.

These free resources are offered as a way for me to say “Thank you!” to the hundreds of dentists with whom I have worked personally and the thousands of dentists and staff members who have attended my seminars, read my articles and blogs, used my dental text book chapters, and continue to be loyal Practicon customers.  You have allowed me to work with this profession that I love and respect for over 30 years, and I appreciate you!

Associateships, Partnerships & Start Ups

What a Prospective Associate Needs to Know
Miscellaneous Points to be Considered in Practice Transition
What Makes an Associateship Work?
Decisions Prior to an Associateship Agreement
Do Not Promise Ownership
Division of Duties Between Partners
Optimum Timetable for Starting a Practice

Interviewing, Hiring & Training

Advertising for Dental Team Members
Employment Application
Guideline for Interviewing - May I Ask You a Question?
Screening Prospective Team Members by Telephone
In-Office Initial Interview Questions
Questions for Second Interview
Questions for Checking References
Example of a Rejection Letter
Checklist for Orientation of a New Team Member
Join Up Efforts for New Employees
Training Schedule for Business Team Members
Training Schedule for Clinical Team Members
Roving Dental Assistant – A Value-Added Position
Interview Questions when Hiring a Practice Administrator
Dental Health Educator – A Key to Professional Service and Marketing

Personnel Administration

What is a Team?
Characteristics of a Successful Team, Dentist & Staff Members
Agenda for Morning Huddle
Agenda for General Staff Meetings and Business Monitor
Agenda for Team Meeting
Business Coordinator Responsibilities
Clinical Coordinator Responsibilities
Practice Administrator Responsibilities
Weekly Reviews with Practice Administrator
Performance Appraisal Instructions
Performance Appraisal for Business Staff
Performance Appraisal for Clinical Staff 
Individual Compensation Statement
Delegation – An Important Management Tool in a Dental Practice
Delegation Checklist for Dentist to Evaluate Propensity to Delegate
Staff Member Development Guidelines
Survey for Dental Team
Staff Communication Focus
Preferred Terminology for a Dental Practice
Spelling Bee – List for Staff
Form to let Your Team Know One Another Better

Scheduling & Recare System

Block Scheduling for General Practices
Block Scheduling in Pediatric & Orthodontics Practices
Enhancement of Clinical Efficiency
Letter Explaining No Charge for Broken Appointment - General Office
Letter Explaining No Charge for Broken Appointment - Pedicatric Dental Office
Letter to Parents of Young Children Concerning Infant Oral Health
Letter Explaining no Restorative Treatments after Lunch
Recare System---The Life Blood of Many Dental Practices
How to Calculate Recare System Effectiveness
Recare Reminder for Child or Adult

Practice Management; Knowing the Numbers

Practice Systems Inventory
Business Monitor by Departments
Business Systems Inventory
Clinical Systems Inventory
Enhancement of Clinical Efficiency
Calculation of the Break Even Point in your Practice
How to Write a Budget for Your Practice
Chart of Accounts
Profit and Loss Statement
Data You Must Know to Manage Your Practice
Calculating Annual and Daily Goals to Understand Meltdown Between Scheduling Goal vs Production Goal vs Collection Goal
Daily Activities
Monthly Practice Monitor for General Practice
Monthly Practice Monitor for Pediatric and for Orthodontic Dental Practice
Billing and Collection Procedures
Series of Collection Letters
Your annual revenue loss is…
Choosing the Right Accountant and Attorney for Your Practice


What is a Patient?
What You Need to Know as you Consider Dental Practice Marketing
Create a Marketing Plan for Your Practice
How to Create a Vision for Your Practice
How to Write a Mission Statement for Your Practice
Example of a Mission Statement for a Dental Practice
The Way You Run Your Practice---A Philosophy
Internal Marketing Assessment
External Marketing Assessment
32 Marketing Ideas for Your Dental Practice
Follow-Up Contacts
A Calendar Keeps Marketing Activities Organized
Survey Your New Patients
Survey for Parent of a New Patient
Teen-Aged Patient Survey
Patient Survey
Infant Oral Health---Information for Parents/Caregivers
Letter to Parents about the First Dental Examination
Welcome Letter for a new Patient
Welcome Letter to a New Child Patient
Thank-You Letter to Current Patient for a Referral
Cover Letter to Send to Referring Dentists with Referral Slips
Letters to Referring Dentists or to Referring Physicians
Letter to Colleagues (with goodies for staff)
Letter to Parents of a Newborn Baby in Your Community
Letter to Newcomers in Your Community
Letter to Teachers Offering Tooth Saver Chests and Dental Health Curriculum Assistance
Dental Health Educator---A Key to Professional Service and Marketing

Ann answers your questions

- Can you tell me about secure emails and how dental practices should be using them to follow HIPPA?
- What is your view on CAD/CAM dentistry? Should we try to go the next step & implement or stick with what is working so well and so efficiently?
- What is the best method of keeping some type of list of patients who could fill those "last minute" openings? 
- I am planning to move my practice to a new building?
- Can you help me with marketing?
- A lot of patients come in having two cavities on one tooth. Insurance companies only pay for doing one filling on the same tooth on the same day, not two?
- I want to be able to focus on doing dentistry, but instead most of my time goes in trying to figure out how to put which systems in place?
*The forms, letters, documents, and other material on this page are copyrighted by Practicon, Inc. They may be used by dentists in all phases of practice, but may not be reproduced for sale or other commercial purposes. Copyright © Practicon Inc.